Step is a group of volunteer Christian schools’ workers who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people through work in schools in the St Albans and Harpenden areas. The volunteers are from local churches keen to be involved in the holistic education of teenagers and specifically blowing the dust off Christianity. Step specialises in training teenagers as leaders.

Young Life

Young Life is a global organisation with a local focus. You’ll find Young Life leaders from diverse cultures, nationalities and backgrounds in over 100 countries around the world. Young Life International has 50+ staff and 250+ local volunteer leaders and committee members who enable the work with young people in local areas in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. In the UK & Ireland, 4,448+ young people are involved in a Young Life International activity on a weekly basis.

Activate Network

Forest Town Church partners with Wayne and Rene Neuper who head up Activate which is a hands-on training and goal-oriented mentoring program for church planters, leaders from existing churches, and people who want to make a difference in the kingdom of God. We train leaders who passionately and passionately lead people into a deep relationship with Jesus. We help the participants where they are, to advance God’s kingdom, to stimulate growth, to go new ways or to take the first steps and start new churches.

Andrew Ollerton

Andrew Ollerton pioneered the Bible Course with The Bible Society. The Bible Course is an 8-session course that helps you explore the world’s bestseller. As well as being accessible and interactive, it will enhance and inform your ongoing Bible study. We are passionate about supporting Andrew and his love for the Word. We regularly run The Bible Course. Keep a lookout for when we next run the course.

Bunna Yin – Cambodia

Each year Forest Town Church gathers our resources and takes a team of people across to Cambodia where we support the apostolic work of Bunna Yin in helping to train and equip the fledging churches that have been planted in the village communities of rural Cambodia. Bunna Yin has established these churches over the past 15 years through a faithful preaching of the Gospel of Jesus and he has helped uplift communities through co-operative farming projects and building a local school on one of the islands in the Mekong river. If you would be interested in joining our outreach team or supporting financially, please let us know.

Andy Worsop

Working with UFM Worldwide ministries in Romania. Andy serves as coordinator of the Kairos Transcultural Mission School (SMK). KTMS is part of the Kairos Mission Agency which is equipping and empowering Romanians to take the Gospel further to other peoples and culture. We support Andy and Anca in their work throughout Romania.

Daughters of Cambodia

Daughters of Cambodia exists to empower those trapped in the sex industry in Cambodia to walk free and start a new life, with healing, dignity, and the means to prosper. ​We offer a wide range of rewarding jobs, with opportunities for promotion, in our attractive and innovative social enterprises. ​We teach our clients how to sustain their new life-styles in non-institutional settings, and we provide recovery programs including social work, counseling, medical treatment and life-skills classes.