Welcome From Hong Kong

Welcome to the UK and welcome to Forest Town Church in St Albans

Forest Town Church is made up of people from many different parts of the world and many of us have experience of what it is like to arrive in a new country not knowing anyone to help you to adapt to a new culture and environment. If you are one of the many people moving to the UK from Hong Kong, we would like to offer you a warm welcome and help you to feel at home in our church and in our city of St Albans.

There is a lot of information and helpful advice about moving to the UK on the UKHK website at ukhk.org and we suggest that this would be a very good place to start. We would also love to connect you with someone from our church to help you to find friendship and community. If you would like to connect with us please contact the church and ask to be contacted by Wien Fung or Ed Chan. They will get back to you and find out how we can make you feel welcome.

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